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Cinemagraphs & Soundscapes

I recently set up a streaming - OnDemand video service called Timeless Pictures... featuring Cinemagraphs with immersive soundscapes. I was prompted by the number of requests I was getting by people who wanted to license my work for similar websites and apps along the lines of relaxation and meditation. However the cost to license my work meant it was mostly unrealistic for them just starting up. This article originally posted on my streaming network and explores more in depth about why it appeals so much to me... and hopefully to the growing number of subscribers to my content.

If you've not checked it out follow the link at the bottom of this article and join up!


I'm a little bit obsessed with the concept of time so we're taking timeless in the sense of slowing or stopping time, not "classic and memorable" timeless. As a kid I used to imagine stopping time and wandering around while everyone was frozen mid stride and messing with things to freak them out when time started again. It was a way to get through boring school church sermons!

So I can't stop time for real but through cinemagraphs I've rediscovered that magic again. Unlike a regular video which leaves little to the imagination, a cinemagraph retains that element of mystery found in a still photo, it's like a good book which allows the imagination to be active and fill in the blanks. The subtle motion gives a stimulus, a trigger that inspires the imagination rather than exhausting it. The best of both worlds.

I speak of imagination a lot, but that's because I believe we all have it and we all need it to function well in life. Not to be confused with being artistic or creative, imagination is simply the ability to think beyond our present moment, to think outside the box. Whether it's the logic based scientist or the writer, we all thrive on some form of imagination because it's what drives problem solving... and if there's one thing we all do no matter our differences in life its problem solving. New research shows that the best way to ensure your baby and child develops intelligence in their formative years is not through rote learning but through imaginative play. That sets them up with the ability to problem solve later in life.

I'm not aware of any research on the physiological affect a cinemagraph has on brainwaves but I suspect the motion both subtle, calming and repetitive would show an ability to have a positive impact on our brainwaves. I'm not going to claim anything and it's only based on my experience but I'd love to know the affect they have on you. I feel certain that taking these moments to lose ourselves goes a long way to alleviating such rampant mental health issues of the modern world such as anxiety and depression.

In an ever more hectic and busy world the ability to reconnect with our imagination through creative inspiration and moments of relaxation has never been more important. It's not easy, it means making time to do it... to put what we're doing aside for 5 or 15 minutes and let go. You can't beat a quick breath of fresh air, a walk in the park or simply a cuppa tea but by nature if it's convenient we're more likely to make it happen.

So you reach for your mobile, load up Timeless Pictures on the VHX app, plug in your headphones and give yourself some time. Let it work your imagination. I guarantee just a few minutes watching the visual loops and immersing yourself in the soundscapes will give you an inner calm that makes you more focussed when you re-emerge to take on the rest of your day and a clearer head if you're ready for bed!

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